Health Wonk Review – Spring Training Edition – Up At Pizaazz!

Yes, it’s March Madness. And yes, it’s St. Patty’s Day.

But hey, that means America’s favorite past time (that would be baseball) is just around the corner too – just two weeks away!  But here’s something you don’t have to wait for:  Health Wonk Review – Spring Training Edition!

Glenn Laffel from Pizaazz has compiled a fantastic baseball-themed Health Wonk Review blog carnival full of great posts.

Starters, closers, 5-tool guys, sluggers, base stealers, rabid fans, slick fielders and (drum roll please) “stud prospects” are just some of the health wonkers you’ll get to read. 

Check your third base coach – he’s giving you the sign to check out the latest edition of Health Wonk Review.  While you do that, I’m going to grab a Fenway Frank and a brew.

[A quick comment for Glenn – though the Yankees might “rise up” in 2011 as you claim, they will hit their ceiling, look up and see Red Sox above them.]

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