In Good Companies, Volume III

Working at an insurance brokerage and consulting firm, I have the privilege of seeing some very innovative companies who work with clients at the firm.  I also do quite a bit of research myself on various health care companies – it only helps me to do my job better.  Some of what you’re reading below is research I’ve gathered on my own.

With that said, I thought it would be sort of neat to highlight some of these companies in a piece I’m calling “In Good Companies”. You’re currently in the midst of Volume III!

Here are a few in no particular order. If my blog does not do them justice, check them out for yourselves!

Sermo – Two docs are better than one.  What about 120,000 docs? With all of the treatment variation in healthcare today, why not have physicians collaborate in a community just for them?  Enter Sermo.  68 Specialties? Check.  All 50 states?  Check.  With the philosophy “no one physician is as knowledgeable as physicians working together” this community of doctors share information and collaborate using the organization’s real-time communications portal that also verifies credentials. In an age when two docs right down the hall from one another may not even chat about the same patient that they both saw that day, Sermo is a welcomed guest to the way healthcare is sometimes done, but shouldn’t be.  Social media + Medicine/Docs = Sermo.

Silverlink Communications – How do you influence behaviors?  How do you get people to make better decisions regarding their own health? With nudges – small but meaningful changes in behavior.  And what results from better decisions?  Why, lower costs and improved health!  With consumers at the heart of health care utilization, organizations such as health plans and disease management vendors are desperately seeking ways to get individual patients to take better care of themselves…get a check up, get a flu shot, take their meds…Silverlink provides a unique “test and learn” technology backed by mounds of data analytics to provide targeted communications (phone, text, etc) for each individual consumer – senior citizen, a person with a chronic illness, a healthy person.  And I think they’re just scratching the surface with regards to their market.  Do you think employers would love something like this?  I do.

The Vitality Group – There are lots of wellness companies out there. There is only one group like The Vitality Group.  At least that I know of.  [In the interest of disclosure, there are a whole lot of wellness companies I haven’t researched.]  By offering a health enhancement solution backed by clinical, behavioral and actuarial science, The Vitality Group stands out.  Using their network of vendors and tying incentives to targeted activities, employers utilizing this solution help their employees understand their health status and take meaningful steps to make positive change resulting in healthier behaviors.  And how do they help their clients achieve the best ROI?  With “100% verifiable activities”. This is something I haven’t heard from other wellness companies. If you want to know which activities are verifiable…check out their website or give them a call.

Vitality – On the vitality theme, I figured I couldn’t leave out this gem.  In order to solve the billion dollar medical adherence problem, some MIT folks figured a simple but incredibly effective way to target this problem.  A flashing pill cover.  Yes, that’s it. Glow cover with lights and sound.  Sometimes the most simple approach is the best approach. Those on prescription meds are reminded to take them. Loved ones rest easier knowing they don’t have to worry as much about mom or dad forgetting to take their meds. Good Morning America, Today, and The New York Times have all featured this company and their product. And Dr. Oz says, “I love this product.”  Well…that’s all I need to hear. I’m sold! And for those who aren’t, this product isn’t just a flashing pill cover.  It not only alerts the patient to take their meds, but it sends a weekly alerts to a selected member of the patient’s social circle to alert them of compliance. It re-orders the prescription from pharmacy when it is running low.  And for those who stick to the regimen, the product sends a printed report with incentives to both the patient and the doctor. Sounds like something you should have thought of but didn’t?  Yeah…me too.

WEGO Health – Where do the top 10% of online health social media go to connect? WEGO Health, of course!  In order to help health advocates continue to do what they’re doing and to expand the reach to help others, WEGO Health exists.  Sometimes others say it better than you ever could, so here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth…and by that I mean WEGO’s website:  If online health communities are an unruly high school, then Health Activists are its dedicated teachers – and WEGO Health is the teacher’s lounge. We help leaders to come together, to learn from each other, and to go back to their classrooms better at their craft. There you have it.  Now go check them out.  And please be nice to any substitute teachers.  Aw, who am I kidding…torture away. Because you know you were going to do it anyways…

That does it for another edition of In Good Companies.  If you know of an innovative health company, let me know!  You might just see it in Volume IV!

[Disclaimer: I am not receiving any compensation or bonus from any of these companies to do this. This isn’t an endorsement of these companies based on personal or professional experience.  I do not speak for my employer.  This post does not influence client placement or recommendations to clients. I just think it is neat to showcase some great minds and great companies at work.]

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