The Benefits Package, 6th Edition, Up At Enabling Healthy Decisions!

Massachusetts schools weren’t the only ones taking a break last week…

The highly anticipated Benefits Package Blog Carnival was scheduled to be published last Monday, but due to the school vacation week, it made sense to slide it back one week.

For those looking for your benefits fix…look no more!

The 6th Edition is up at George Van Antwerp’s site, Enabling Healthy Decisions.

What, you’re still here?  There are exciting posts waiting for you!  Go…check them out!

The Benefits Package, 6th Edition, Coming Soon To Enabling Health Decisions!

If you eat benefits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…have I got great news for you!

The next edition of The Benefits Package is coming soon to George Van Antwerp’s blog, Enabling Healthy Decisions!

Please send your submissions by Friday night, February 18th!  Instructions on submitting can be found on George’s blog.

It will be published on Monday, February 21st.

Don’t worry…the benefits served are low-fat and part of a healthy diet.

And in case you missed the 5th Edition of The Benefits Package, here it is!

El Paquete de Beneficios, 5th Edition, coming soon to Beyond Healthcare Reform Blog!

The hugely successful Paquete de Beneficios (otherwise known as The Benefits Package) is coming soon to a theater near you!  And by “theater near you” I mean the Beyond Healthcare Reform blog written by the fine folks at the law firm Faegre & Benson, LLP.

Set your alarm clocks now.  The latest edition will be published on Monday, February 7th. And if you’re a benefits blogger, send your submissions to by 5PM Eastern on Friday, February 4th.

Heck, I’m going to get cracking right now on my own submission for this gala event!

The Benefits Package, 4th Edition, Up At Benz Communications!

As Jen Benz puts it, “The best articles from around the web on everything from healthcare reform to wellness” 

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

So here it is: 4th Edition of The Benefits Package complete with articles from Bob Merberg, David Harlow, Carol Harnett, Fran Melmed, Hank Stern, David Ballard, Evan Falchuk, Jason Shafrin, John Hollon, and Michael Cannon.

The Benefits Package has been hugely successful since Evan Falchuk rolled it out late last year on See First.

Keep it going! If you are a healthcare or benefits writer/blogger, submit one of your own articles!  Or simply share The Benefits Package with a friend!

Benefits Package, 3rd Edition, up at InsureBlog!

What a way to start Monday morning!  Coffee, cereal, and the Benefits Package Blog Carnival!

Check out the 3rd edition of the Benefits Package, hosted this time around by the folks at InsureBlog.

You’ll read posts from Michael Cannon, Anne Freeman, David Williams, Evan Falchuk, David Harlow, Jen Benz & Ed Bray, George Van Antwerp, Kester Freeman, Keith McCurdy, and of course, Hank Stern!

Phew!  This list keeps growing!  If you want “in” next time around, be sure to get your post in! The next edition will be hosted by Jen Benz at Benz Communication – be sure to check it out!

The Benefits Package #2 – Ready to Read!

Here’s a link to a collection of healthcare bloggers’ thoughts on (drum roll please) healthcare!

(Were you expecting something else?)

It is called The Benefits Package and it includes topics like healthcare reform, ehealth, employee benefits, and delivery of healthcare from some of the industry’s thought leaders.  Check it out!