Welcome to “A Musing Healthcare Blog”

Hello and thanks for reading!

In my work experience I’ve had the privilege of working for companies that touch many different areas of healthcare.  This includes patient advocacy, home care, hospital, payor & health plan, consulting & brokerage, healthcare informatics and software, and state government.

It has allowed me to view the field of healthcare from many different vantage points. And this has got me thinking.

I toyed around with putting my thoughts on paper…well, online.  This led me to the blogosphere where I am now sharing some of my thoughts and musings on this ever-changing field.  So here it is!

“A Musing Healthcare Blog”

I try to keep the patient at the center of it all, as I was taught in my undergraduate healthcare administration program at Stonehill.  So you’ll often see a patient spin on a lot of what I write.  But not everything I write. Sometimes I just blog about whatever is spinning around in my head.  And it’s usually related to healthcare.

My hope is that you enjoy reading and perhaps walk away with a new perspective or point of view on our healthcare system.

Dave Kerrigan

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